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With the ever-growing volume of customer interactions and transactions, and proliferation of communication channels, companies have more contact with customers than ever before. But it can be difficult to leverage the opportunities and mitigate the risks inherent in these contacts. Today’s high-stakes business environment— intensifying regulation, rising customer expectations, growing competition— makes the ability to harness these interactions and transactions critical to success. NICE provides best-in-class 
products and tailored business solutions to address the unique needs of brokerage firms, banks, contact centers, sales and marketing departments. The NICE offering enables organizations to capture customer interactions and transactions, analyze them to reveal business insights, and apply these insights in real time to achieve positive business impact across all communication channels.
  •  Compliance Recording– Ensure regulatory compliance and cost-effective dispute resolution at corporate sites, remote branches and small contact centers.
  •  Operational EfficiencyMaximize the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center workforce and quality processes.
  •  Customer ExperienceDeliver customer experience that differentiates companies from their competitors, builds wallet-share and creates long-lasting customer relationships.
  •  Revenue GrowthRelay the “voice of the customer” throughout the enterprise to capture cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, increase marketing effectivenessand improve collections effectiveness.


Nice Smart Center Architecture

The NICE Quality Optimization Workflow for Contact Centers

NICE Brochures

NICE Quality Optimization brochure NICE SMARTCENTER_INFO SHEET Nice Customer Feedback (Nice Fizzback) Nice Actimize Performance Management (Merced) NICE WFM (IEX)


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